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Online Voting now live - all you need to know

Online Voting is now live!

The link to vote is: but you will require your unique code to access the vote. Register: to receive your code.

For the first time, Glion Alumni will be able to vote online and paritcipate in the decisions made by the Glion Alumni Association (AAG) at the general assembly AND choose the new interim Secretary General. 

From the introduction of new statutes to the 2019 accounts to be approved, below outlines all the information you need to know about what is being voted on and how to vote. 

For any queries or support, please contact Sophie or Celina via who can help. 

How to vote?

You should have received an email from "Glion Alumni" with your unique link / code. This allows you secure access to the online vote. It also ensures that each Alumni can only vote once. If you have not recieved a code, please check your junk mail or contact us on

Once on the online vote, there are 3 sections with 4 things to vote. There are various different options, explained below. 

  • If you approve of the motion - you will need to vote "for"
  • If you do not approve you will need to vote "against"
  • If you don't want to vote you will need to vote "abstain"

Please note - all Alumni can vote online, even if they plan on attending the General Assembly in person.

The link to vote is: but you will require your unique code to access the vote. 

What is being voted on?

There are 3 sections and 4 things to vote on.

1. 2019 Accounts

  • The full 2019 accounts are available here
  • The auditors report is available here
  • You will be voting on whether you think this is an appropriate use of the budget and approve of the overall activity.

2. Statute Revisions

  • The full statutes are available here, including the proposed changes. 
  • There are 2 proposed additions to the statutes
    • Article 13: The General Assembly. Addition of: “Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies can take place physically and/or by any electronic means of communication.”
    • Article 17: The General Assembly. Addition of “Elections and votes can be organized physically and/or by any electronic means.”
    • This basically means that we are able to hold virtual general assemblies and collect votes by online voting only should we need to

3. Secretary General

  • This is to vote in a new interim Secretary General, as Jean-Philipppe Scalbert is retiring from the role (see article)
  • There are two candidates to vote from. Their profiles and links to videos are below

Mayumi Matthaus, Graduate of 1997

I am very pleased to apply for the position of AAG Secretary General. As a proud alumni of the AAG and current member of the board, I am very familiar with the activities of the committee and fully support its development and growth.

I am a Swiss national but also the founder and manager of my own business in Zürich. This role as given me an extensive knowledge of the ins and outs and particulars of the Swiss system and a great insight into accounting, fiscal and banking matters.

I would be delighted to work as the secretary general and believe that my organisation skills and motivation to further promote and assist the AAG would benefit this role.

Nadezda Stepnova: Graduate of 2007

Dear all,

Seven years I worked for hospitality schools (Les Roches and Blue Mountains) in China and Australia; stayed in touch with people who work for the schools as well as alumni.

Eight years in account management, business development and education marketing have evolved my skills in building – and fostering – a culture of operational excellence. Where my experience to date has focused on growth and nurturing relationships, my skills in reporting, analytics and events management are particularly transferable for the Secretary General position.

At this moment in my life, I am a stay at home mom and will be happy to volunteer my time at AAG as a Secretary General.

Best regards,

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